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Let us put our years of experience and expertise to work for you. Our product application methods, rates, and time of applications have been perfected so you get the most out of every application.

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Our products are on another level. Every year we conduct new trials and studies versus the competition and every year we come out on top. Our products are simply the best!


U.S. Ag, LLC

U.S. Ag, LLC is a nature friendly Ag company that specializes in food grade fertilizers, various forms of carbon, trace 
minerals, and plant based surfactants. These products are all centered on the idea of making the plant and soil healthy 
through proper nutrition. This helps to lower and even eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. We have been in 
business for more than 45 years perfecting and tweaking these formulas with more and more farmers seeing the real benefits of 
working with Nature and going “Green” versus conventional chemical production.

Our products not only grow an excellent crop; but our programs are easy to use and are very affordable!

Our company was founded to bring new information and technology to the Agriculture Industry. Combining the best of 
organic and commercial farming techniques, we emphasize soil, plant, and animal health because of their importance to 
the productivity of the land. Our goal is to stimulate biological activity in soils made sluggish by years of chemical 
application and to help Ag producers address environmental safety issues, rising costs, and the bottom line return.

Take care of the problem and the symptoms will disappear...

The old adage, has never been more true than with today’s agriculture!  “Healthy” Ag practices produce healthy results 
that need fewer inputs.  The results are generally lower input costs along with higher quantity outputs!!!

If you want to get great results and maximize your profits then you owe it to yourself to see what we have to offer. We 
believe that you will not be disappointed.

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