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CleanGreen ALT 15 with Chloride

Healthy Crops Through Proper Fertility

CleanGreen ALT-15 With Chloride
Mildew ♦ Take-all ♦ Leaf Rust ♦ Tan Spot ♦ Spot Blotch ♦ Powdery Mildew ♦ Septoria ♦ Common Root Rot

Disease Suppression Studies

Studies conducted by various agencies; including the USDA, show suppression of plant diseases through chloride applications. Chloride research has shown that it plays an important role in suppression of fungal leaf and root diseases.

Improve Yields Through Proper Nutrition

Crop disease is one area of crop production that can be controlled and minimized by applying the right products at the right time. Left untreated, crop disease will have a severe effect on overall crop production and quality.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)…… 15%
Urea Nitrogen….. 6%
Polymethylene Urea….. 9%
Ammonium Chloride……8%
Inert Ingredients Include Carbon

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