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CleanGreen C4 Foliar Spray

Cleaner Fields with Bigger Yields

The #1 Selling Foliar Fertility Package
Carbon ♦ Nitrogen ♦ Trace Minerals ♦ Sugars ♦ All Natural Delivery System

Plant Health

By way of C4’s delivery and availability of its nutrients, plant response to C4 has been phenomenal. C4 treated plants thrive and flourish with a level of health rarely seen. Our crops have a strength and health to them that make you think they are inside a greenhouse being cared for by hand.

C4 treated crops produce huge yields.

C4 is a powerful foliar concentrate that turns up the plants immune system. It puts the plant into high gear to accelerate growth and enhance overall plant health. It has proven itself to be a game changer when it comes to how we traditionally view plant fertility.

Revolutionary Delivery System

A significant reason why C4 works so well is its delivery system. C4 penetrates through the wax layer of the plant leaf in a highly efficient way ensuring all the
nutrients are received internally by the plant.


C4 was engineered to maintain high availability of its proprietary ingredients to the plant. Availability is key. The nutrients in C4 are 100% available and perfectly balanced to ensure uniform delivery to the plant. With C4 you quite simply get the best product your money can buy!



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