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CleanGreen F Cal

Healthy Crops Through Proper Fertility

CleanGreen F Cal

A Phenomenal Combination

Our formula combines our 100% active and available liquid calcium with our
premium concentrated fish fertilizer that delivers an outstanding fertility response. 1 gallon of our super concentrated fish easily outperforms 10 gallons of regular fish hydroslate!
Our liquid calcium contains 11 lbs of active available calcium per gallon! For comparison, it takes 1 ton of dry ag lime to equal 1 gallon of our highly concentrated Liquid Calcium! Together our fish & calcium have proven to be an explosive combination yielding tremendous bang for the buck returns!

When You Use the Best You Grow the Best!

Improved soil structure
Balanced pH
Less Hardpan
Increased drought tolerance
Carbon rich nutrition
Improves Plant Health
Higher Relative Food Value on Alfalfa
Explosive Yield Experience
Greater Pegging, Pod-set, and heavier test weights
Reduced plant & Root Disease
Increase Microbial Activity

Fantastic Results

Tremendous Results can be had with F CAL.

Money Saved, Money Earned are Both Profits in Your Pocket.

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