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CleanGreen I.F.C. Adjuvant

Get Fertilizer in the Plant Where it Needs To Be! Make Chemicals Work Quickly and Effectively on Today’s Hardest to Kill Pests.

CleanGreen I.F.C. is the most advanced adjuvant available on the market today. Not only does I.F.C. increase chemical effectiveness, but it also does so meeting stringent standards for being a clean OMRI certified product. The ability to carry spray material more efficiently with higher absorption rates than the competition plus to be OMRI certified has propelled I.F.C. to its place as the best adjuvant on the market today!
Growers and commercial applicators all across the United States are buying and using one of our top selling products; I.F.C. because it works. Studies, intensive trials, and user feedback have all concluded that I.F.C. Adjuvant boosts the effectiveness of everything it is applied with; chemical and/or foliar fertilizer. In fact, most feedback suggests that we are able to carry chemical at the manufacturers lowest recommended rate and still have excellent results! Also, foliar fertilizer
applications are now showing great improvements in crop production with I.F.C. use.

“Used I.F.C. with my soybean sprays - bugs gone, fungus gone, fields are clean, yields are up!”
MN Soybean Grower
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“I used I.F.C. and the lowest recommended rate of herbicide and have clean fields. My neighbors have been spraying full rates of herbicide without I.F.C. and their fields are weedy. I.F.C. is hands down the best solution for hard to kill weeds!”
GA Cotton Grower

General Use Directions

I.F.C. is a natural non-ionic adjuvant designed to improve the performance of fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural products by increasing their ability to be carried into plant tissue effectively.

Recommended Application Rates

Mix I.F.C. at a rate of 1oz per gallon of solution. A rate of up to 2oz per gallon may be used to maximize effectiveness. Compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides, and other spray materials.

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