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CleanGreen MIN-TEC

Natural ♦ Pure ♦ Effective

MIN-TEC is the Complete Trace Mineral Solution!
MIN-TEC Grows the Best Crops!
No matter what crop you grow MIN-TEC will help you achieve Better Yields, Healthier Crops, & may even Save You Money!

A plants growth is ultimately determined by 3 key ingredients:
Water, Sunlight & Nutrients

For the dryland farmer, only 1 of those three most important requirements is within our control—Nutrients. And the bottom line is that without all the available nutrients in the soil in the perfect balance your plants will never grow to their full and healthy potential.


What Are Some of the Benefits of Feeding My Crops the Perfectly Balanced Minerals from the Ocean?
Benefits for Plants: Affordable, Higher Plant Yields, Higher Test Weights, Higher Protein Levels, More Profitable Yields, Higher Nutritional Value, Safe to Use On All Crops, Higher Drought Tolerance, Disease, and Pest Resistance, Contains Most Trace Minerals Found in Nature, Stronger Plant Immune System


Soil erosion has reduced many soils to an insufficient and inadequate level of essential trace mineral availability in the soil. Studies have shown that most soils only provide 12-20 of the 90 available natural minerals.

What Exactly is MIN-TEC?

MIN-TEC is a powerful liquid nutrient package derived 100% from ocean water that contains no additives. Ocean water is the only known source on earth that has the complete assortment of trace minerals perfectly balanced in a soluble form.

Is MIN-TEC Affordable?

Because we manufacture, package, and distribute we are able to offer MIN-TEC to farmers at a price well below the competition. And because of the amazing density and assortment of trace minerals in MIN-TEC, all you need is a small application to give the plant all the mineral it needs to grow to its full potential.

Is MIN-TEC Organic?

MIN-TEC is an organic product that meets all of the requirements to be labeled as organic. And because MIN-TEC is organic it is considered a product that is 100% safe to use on growing crops and contains no hazardous ingredients.

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