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CleanGreen Organic 888 Complete

Synergistic Fertility Package


The best crop program is one that delivers all the essential nutrients to the plant for it to grow to its full potential. Unlike most foliar applied fertilizers, our product consists of a premium package that addresses almost every nutritional need of the plant. CleanGreen 888 Complete can Improve Crop Production!
Our product has been meticulously formulated to ensure the host of ingredients stay balanced and in-solution so your crops get the very best nutrition possible!

Lower Overall Cost of Production

888 is a broad spectrum product that is considerably more affordable than purchasing various independent products in hope of meeting all the needs of the plant. By incorporating the essential nutrients into one product you are able to drastically reduce your input costs.

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What does it mean to be synergistic?

Definition: syn•er•gism (sĭn′ər-jĭz′əm)
1. the interaction of elements that when
combined produce a total effect that is
greater than the sum of the individual
elements on their own.
2. the joint action of agents that when
used together increase each other’s

888 Complete is a combination of the best organic products available today. By balancing the energy of each product into one formulation, we have produced exciting results that have been lacking in most organic programs.

The synergistic system of 888 is truly what sets it apart from everything else on the
market and is a key reason as to why our crops have explosive growth. Tests and testimonials conclude that 888 Complete makes a huge impact on the yield and quality of crops.

Improve Plant Photosynthesis
Improve Overall Plant Health
Higher Brix Levels
Greater Fruitation
Increased Plant Maturity
Increased Drought tolerance
Improve Plant Vitality
Eliminate Need for Excessive Fertilizers
Increase Microbial Activity
Grow Vigorous Plants
Increased Yields

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