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CleanGreen Organic Calcium

Note: Calcium is the most important nutrient in your soil.

Calcium can become locked in the soil by high levels of iron and aluminum.
Nutrient balance is more important to watch than nutrient levels. Calcium helps create a healthy environment for your plant, plus it is the carrier of all other nutrients to the plant. As calcium content in the plant drops, so can the protein, energy level and minerals of the plant.
Calcium stimulates the growth of soil life, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Physiological plant disorders are caused by nonpathological conditions such as poor light, adverse weather, waterlogging, phytotoxic compounds or a lack of nutrients, and affect the functioning of the plant system

Calcium: The King of Crop Nutrients
Proper amounts of Ca make soils workable, well flocculated and helps create a good air-water relationship in the soil making it a priceless asset. Study after study shows Ca at the optimum level decrease disease in most plants.

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Available Calcium in the Soil Can Provide Many Benefits:
Improved Soil Structure
Improved Nutrient Uptake
Balanced pH
Decreased Disease
Less Hardpan
Reduced Salts
Increased Drought Tolerance

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