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CleanGreen Organic Kelp

Clean Nature-Friendly Easy To Use Economical Proven Results!


Organic Kelp is a symbiotic balanced formula that is fully chelated and designed for use as a seed treatment, germination and foliar feed.

Organic Kelp is a plant growth stimulant that gives plants the means to explode with growth!

Use Organic Kelp as a seed treatment, starter in the row on the seed or as a foliar
feed; Organic Kelp can do it all!

  • Excellent Starter
  • Increases Germination
  • Non-Burning
  • Immediate Availability
  • Increase Drought Tolerance
  • Higher Crop Yields
  • Effective & Affordable

Better Root Structure & Stronger Resistance to Stress
Two of the primary benefits of Organic Kelp are to build plants’ roots and improve stress tolerance. Applied as directed, it can significantly increase stress tolerance and survival potential by supplying beneficial constituents plants can’t make for themselves when under intense or seasonal stress.

The ingredients in Organic Kelp have shown by independent research to improve:
Plant health and physiological fitness

•Chlorophyll content
•Brix Levels
•Plant antioxidant levels
•Cell wall strength
•Stress tolerance
•Resistance to diseases
•Drought tolerance
•Root mass and length

Organic Kelp
Seed Treatment: 8oz per bushel
Starter in the row on the seed at 32oz per
acre with starter fertilizer.
Organic Kelp
Foliar feed 1-4 quarts per acre as needed
throughout the season.

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