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Soil Correction

Huma-Tec is a rich humic acid product that jump-starts crop production and ensures proper growth throughout the season. Soil applied it helps to re-enliven poor producing soils.

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Highly advanced formulation designed to enhance the effectiveness of other spray materials for better results. The best organic adjuvant available on the market today!

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Foliar Spray

Balanced trace mineral package containing over 90+ elements. All trace minerals are 100% available & perfectly balanced to stay in solution.

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Cutting edge chemical-free product that controls soft bodied insects safely and effectively. Specialized formula for oustanding results every time.

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Foliar Spray

A “complete” synergistic package designed to provide an essential combination of high-energy carbon based nutrients to the plant for maximum results.

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Foliar Spray

Extreme growth package that is 100% available containing high-end sugars, carbohydrates, and calories designed to supply an increased growth boost for higher quality yields.

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King of Crop Nutrients!
Proper amounts of Ca make soils workable well flocculated and helps create a good air-water relationship in soil making it a pricelsss asset.

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Fully chelated nutrient rich growth stimulant package that is symbiotic balanced and desigend for use as a seed treatment, germinator and foliar feed.

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