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When combined with a liquid nitrogen source our calcium stabilizes the nitrogen and holds it in the soil. This allows the farmer to use much less nitrogen to grow a crop; plus you get the other  huge benefits of our calcium.

Organic Calcium


Proper amounts of Calcium make soils workable, well flocculated and helps create a good air-water relationship in soil making it a pricelsss asset.

N Cal


Crop disease is one area of crop production that can be controlled and minimized by applying the right products at the right time. Left untreated, crop disease will have a severe effect on overall crop production and quality. Achieve healthier crops through proper fertility.



When foliar applied FoliarCal is absorbed by the plant and is translocated in the plant. Rapid crop growth can be seen in all stages of plant development and works to increase final crop yield. FoliarCal is much more than just a regular calcium product. It would be better defined as a crop yield stimulant that improves overall plant health and growth.

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