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Foliar Feeding

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MIN-TEC is an organic product that meets all of the requirements to be labeled as organic. And because MIN-TEC is organic it is considered a product that is 100% safe to use on growing crops and contains no hazardous ingredients.



A soil microflora stimulant containing over 90 natural source trace minerals and active organic substances from Pacific Ocean water.



The best crop program is one that delivers all the essential nutrients to the plant for it to grow to its full potential. Unlike most foliar applied fertilizers, our product consists of a premium package that addresses almost every nutritional need of the plant. F14 provides trace minerals, carbon, sugars, nitrogen, humics, and an outstanding delivery system.

Organic Carbon


OC is a powerful concentrate that turns up the plants immune system. It puts the plant into high gear to accelerate growth and enhance overall plant health. It has proven itself to be a game anger when it comes to how we traditionally view plant fertility. Used in the row on the seed, soil applied, or foliar fed OC delivers results!



The delivery system of GRO is what sets it apart from everything else on the market and is a key reason why our crops have explosive growth. Tests and testimonials conclude that GRO makes  huge impact on yields and quality of crops. Farmers comment that GRO helped them grow the best crops ever!



Cleaner Fields! Bigger Yields! When You Use The Best You Grow The Best!

888 Complete


888 Complete is a combination of the best organic products available today. By balancing the energy of each product into one formulation, we have produced exciting results that have been lacking in most organic programs.



PGS is a symbiotic balanced forumula that is fully chelated and designed for use as a seed treatment, germinator and foliar feed. Clean Nature. Friendly. Easy to Use. Economical. Proven Results!

Organic Kelp


Organic Kelp is a symbiotic balanced formula that is fully chelated and designed for use as a seed treatment, germinator and foliar feed.

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